Trams, buses and motorway links close by your doorstep open the gateway to Salford Quays, Manchester city centre and beyond.
A five-minute walk to your nearest tram stop opens up fast access to the cities of Salford and Manchester whenever you need it.



Creating your home is part of the mission - creating a community is fulfilling the mission.

When walking your dog, cycling or jogging through the park, take comfort in the feeling of belonging in your neighbourhood.


Schools, colleges and universities make high standards of education available for all ages in your immediate locality.
From nurseries and pre-school to academies to sixth-form college and university, children and adults have easy access to their chosen path of learning from nearby Neighbourhood.



Great for families

Perfect for families starting out and moving up.
Local amenities for families include a park, community space, nursery and primary school.

Dogs are welcome on this pet-friendly development with surrounding parks and community space.