Salford Keys

Local poet and voice of Salford, Tony Walsh has contributed a poem to celebrate the values of Salford Neighbourhood. The poem is printed on the back cover of the brochure ( contact us for a brochure ) .

Salford Keys

It’s built of more than red bricks and it’s built of more than slate
It’s built of more than gone-befores that make a city great
It’s built of more than great names and the glories of the past
It is built of future stories if it’s glory’s built to last!

It is built of Salford spirit, which, though thirty miles inland
Built a dock whose stock showed those who’d mocked and made them understand
That this city and its people and its energy and skills
Will change, adapt, and graft and craft and build; re-skilled, re-build

So when the world moved on, the docks were gone, this city built a plan
Building this and this and this, now this. “We’re Salford and we can!
And it’s built of strong connections; round the world, through streets like these
Where it’s hardwired in communities that these are Salford’s keys…

Innovation, co-creation; trade and tech and sport here
Remix the bricks, attract and act with those who dock and port here
And then rise again, surprise again; hold firm on bold decisions
That will build a city’s future from a city’s bold new vision!

And it’s built of more than glass and steel, it’s built of more than slogans
It’s built of sparks. The art and heart of people, those who know them
Know they feel the spirit’s real here, there is… something… in the air here
Know that Salford spirit knows no limits; summat that we share here

Is the strength that made the history, and the strength that laid the bricks
Is the strength to build tomorrow from a city built of this!
Build it cleaner, build it greener; building hope and building dreams
Build conditions for ambition ‘til it’s bursting at the seams

Building neighbourhoods, communities; build lives from seedlings sown here  
Build families. Build memories. Build futures. Build a home here.  

©Tony Walsh | Longfella Ltd 2021 | All rights reserved